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Yah, it’s hard to resist those delicious snacks and food that are available for free at work!

But have you ever thought on its effects on your health?

A recent study carried out by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention on the foods kept at the workplaces. They found out that most of them are unhealthy!

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Is the free food at work doing more harm than good?

To get a clearer number and information, the U.S Department from the Agricultural Survey kept a look at the foods consumed by about 5000 employees at their workplaces.

The Food at Work

While the results have shown that most of the foods preferred by the workers had solid fat in it or high sugar content. Also, many of the food had high sodium level and many of them use refined grain in the making.

Susan Albers, a nutritionist and a writer on mindful eating mention how ‘Office place works like an emotional factor to the problem. The person is already in stress, and they will find food as the only way out to relax.’ This makes it all worse!

During the same, it was found that of the total 1300 calories gained from the workplace in one week – almost 70% of them came from the free food at work! You now know why your weight is not reducing!

As someone exclaims – Free Food, and you look around for it. It’s near, looks yummy and more importantly, it’s free! You are sure to get attracted to the food, no matter how many hurdles come in between.

On the whole, you got to have a strong determination on your mind. This will help in controlling your emotions, and your temptations. 

The results regarding the workplace food study were submitted at the Annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition which was help at Boston. More researchers have joined this issue and carrying out more detailed research on it.

What’s the way out?

It is advisable for the corporates and employers to keep health awareness programs and encourage a better-healthy way of eating. We are hopeful that by doing so, more healthy food options will be set at the cafeterias and this will also inspire the people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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